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Deborah Bell Collaboration Conti...

The American Master Printer Phil Sanders, returned for his second visit this year in September (2017), to continue working in the workshop with Jillian Ross and her team, in collaboration with Deborah Bell, on her new series of intaglio prints. Bell continued to work on the large scale diptych etching adding a second plate to each […]

Print of the Month | Deborah Bel...

David Krut Projects is pleased to announce a new series of complex etchings by Deborah Bell, which have been created in collaboration with American Master Printer Phil Sanders at the David Krut Workshop at Arts on Main in Johannesburg. A work of alchemical beauty to come out of the collaboration is Breath. The image stems […]

Triumphs and Laments Woodcuts | ...

The complexity of William Kentridges’s most recent collaboration with the David Krut Workshop (DKW) the Triumphs and Laments Woodcuts series is one that cannot be overlooked. Each print is made from multiple blocks of wood, prepared from multiple woodgrains, and printed on multiple sheets of paper that all fit together like a puzzle. Some sheets […]

READY!!!!! Jacob van Schalkwyk’s...

READY!!!!! Jacob van Schalkwyk’s etchings: “Waltz” and “W”

For many years, Van Schalkwyk has used Josef Albers’ colour system COLOR-AID to arrive at considered and very specific colour combinations for his artworks. Using lithography ink to make these drawings, he also carefully considers each sheet of paper he uses to produce such drawings. Waltz is a multi-plate deeply bitten, sugarlift aquatint etching printed onto a […]

Jill Ross and Stephen Hobbs visi...

Jill Ross, master printer at DKW (Arts on Main) and artist, Stephen Hobbs visited the DKW (Parkwood) today. This morning Ross came in from DKW Arts on Main to share her expertise on the technicalities of the printing processes with Stephan Hobbs, Daniel Hewson and Sipho Dwala. Later in the day Hobbs continued work on a new […]

Deborah Bell at DKW, Arts on Mai...

Deborah Bell at DKW, Arts on Main

In February this year Deborah Bell collaborated with Master Printer Phil Sanders on a series of new drypoints and etchings. The printers at David Krut Print Workshop (DKW) have been editioning these works and yesterday Bell returned to check on the editioned proofs. Below are images from the workshop of Bell with workshop manager Jillian […]

Senzo Shabangu and Godfried Donk...

Senzo Shabangu and Godfried Donkor at DKW Parkwood

Senzo Shabangu and Godfried Donkor have been working at David Krut Print Workshop, Parkwood, this week on linocuts and monotypes which will be collaged in Donkor’s characteristic style. Photographs below have been provided by studio assistant Tendai Mupita.

DKW Master Printers in NYC!

DKW Master Printers in NYC!

David Krut Print Workshop (DKW) Master Printers Jillian Ross and Mlungisi Kongisa have spent the past week in New York on their way to Milwaukee where they will be special guests at the SGC International Printmaking Conference. It’s been a busy week for the two printers. They arrived last Saturday morning and by the afternoon […]

Editions/Artists’ Book Fai...

Editions/Artists’ Book Fair, New York

David Krut Projects (DKP) participated in the 15th Anniversary of the Editions/Artists’ Book Fair, which opened on the evening of January 23, and continued through January 27, 2013 at the Altman Building in New York. Originally set to take place in November, 2012 as it does every year during print week, the fair was unfortunately […]

Sean Slemon at DKW

Sean Slemon has been working on a series of etchings at David Krut Print Workshop, Arts on Main, in anticipation of his solo exhibition with Nirox Projects. Slemon’s exhibition will run at Nirox during July, with a further showing of work at David Krut Projects, Arts on Main. Together with the printmakers Slemon has been […]

Senzo Shabangu at David Krut Pri...

Senzo Shabangu has been working at David Krut Print Workshop, Parkwood, on a series of new monotypes with hand painting. These new works, along with new linocuts created for the Transference exhibiton at the Johannesburg Art Gallery, will be exhibited at Arts on Main during August 2012, following new editions by Sean Slemon. These works […]

Lawrence Lemaoana Monotypes

In February 2011 Lemaoana visited the David Krut Print Workshop (DKW) at Arts on Main to work on a series of ten monotypes. The artist collaborated with printers Jillian Ross and Mlungisi Kongisa. A small selection of these works are on display at the David Krut Bookstore at 140 Jan Smuts Avenue, Parkwood. For enquiries […]