Maja Maljević – Document for the People

David Krut Projects is proud to announce new editions by Maja Maljević. The series was made at the David Krut Workshop (DKW) in 2018 and is titled ‘Document for the People.’ The series includes: 61 x New prints, 11 silkscreen colours, 5 x intaglio colours, 9 x types of paper, 8 x techniques, 6 x printmakers […]

Limited Edition Print Pop Up Shop at START – St Theresa’s Art Festival

The David Krut Workshop is excited to be participating in START – ST Theresa’s Art Festival as part of Art Paper Planes’ Limited Edition Print Pop Up Shop. As part of the Print Pop up at START, a variety of editioned and unique work by over 30 artists will be on show. Artists include: Deborah Bell, Chad […]

The Art We Make E03: Master Printer Jillian Ross on DKW and artist Colbert Mashile

In this episode, the David Krut Workshop’s Master Printer Jillian Ross speaks about her experience of joining the workshop and her work with artist Colbert Mashile. Colbert Mashile Artist Page:

Artist Series E22 | Optics, Curiosity and Playfulness with Stephen Hobbs

Elize de Beer is in conversation with artist Stephen Hobbs in his Studio in Johannesburg. In this podcast episode, Hobbs speaks about how his artistic practice began as a conceptual artist and how that conceptual way of thinking has developed in his current influences and use of materials. CHAPTERS: 0:42: Three words to describe Hobb’s […]

Print of the Month (July 2018) Deborah Bell

Frail Crown is part of a body of work Deborah Bell created in 2017 -2018 with Master Printers Phil Sanders and Jillian Ross at the David Krut Workshop. The print was created using a drypointed copper plate and a delicately cut sheet of chine collé to give the figure its golden yellow robe. Bell has […]

Artist Series E21 | Rhett Martyn’s 1:10 Showcase Walkabout

Rhett Martyn introduces his project ‘1:10 Modernist Plunder: The New Constructivists’ as the culmination of an 8-month long research project. Listen to Rhetts ideas and concepts surrounding this showcase as explained in the walkabout that took place on the 7th of July 2018. CHAPTERS: 00:42 – How the exhibition came about 04:30 – The story […]

Rhett Martyn Studio Visit

Artist Rhett Martyn introduced his project ‘1:10 Modernist Plunder: The New Constructivists’ at the David Krut Gallery on the 5th of July 2018. In this solo project, Rhett exposes his current research areas through printmaking and sculpture to highlight his investigation of a Mozambican architect, political activist and art collector named João Mangual. We paid […]

Stephen Hobbs at Keyes Art and Design Emporium

PHOTO FOCUS for July’s Art & Design Saturday – 14th of July 2018 The July 14th edition of Art&Design Saturday recognises Mandela Month and the 100 year celebrations taking place across the country. Keyes Art Mile has curated a programme entitled PHOTO FOCUS, paying homage to the critical role that documentary photography played in informing the international community […]

Becoming a Story Teller – Aida Muluneh and the Kampala Art Biennale.

In 2018, the Kampala Art Biennale (KAB) has taken on a new format for its third edition. Titled “THE STUDIO”, the biennale will be orientated around the notion of knowledge exchange and the relationship between a master and apprentice. The practise of a Master artist sharing their skills with young apprentices has long been a […]

Artist Series E20: Rhett Martyn and Chad Cordeiro | A Sculptors approach to Printmaking

In this episode, printer Chad Cordiero from the David Krut Workshop (DKW) chats to artist Rhett Martyn over his printing process and experience at DKW. This episode was recorded in our busy printmaking workshop where there is a constant buzz of creativity and artistic labour. The David Krut Workshop at Arts on Main in the […]

Community Series E03: Trees for Tourism with Maarten Groos

While in Stanford the David Krut Projects Cape Town Staff met Maarten Groos who is based at Farm 215 near Stanford. Groos helps run Trees for Tourism, as part of the South African Reforestation Trust. In this episode, Elize de Beer is in conversation with Groos about Trees for Tourism, the importance of the project […]

Community Series E02 : Creative Works staff, Rachell van Rooyen

The following podcast was recorded in Afrikaans, as a large portion of the Stanford community is made up of Afrikaans and Xhosa speaking residences. This is the first of many podcasts that we aim to do in various languages. Rachell van Rooyen assists Regina Broenner with Creative Works sessions in Stanford and runs her own […]

Community Series E01 : Introduction to Creative Works with Regina Broenner

At the beginning of June 2018 David Krut Projects Cape Town’s staff, Elize de Beer and Gabrielle van der Merwe went to Stanford in the Western Cape to visit the David Krut Projects supported NPO, Creative Works. In this podcast, Elize de Beer is in conversation with the Creative Works founder Regina Broenner about how […]

PODCAST│The Art We Make E02: David Krut on the limited edition 2010 Fifa Posters: How it all started

The Art We Make E02: David Krut on the limited edition 2010 Fifa Posters: How it all started In anticipation of the Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup, David Krut Projects takes you down memory lane to the 2010 FIFA World Cup which took place in South Africa. A successful and well planned event that saw […]

Artist Series E19: Daudi Karungi | The Kampala Art Biennale 2018

In This episode Elize de Beer is in conversation with Daudi Karungi, artist, owner and curator of the Afriart Gallery in Kampala, Uganda and director of the Kampala Art Biennale. Daudi tells us all about his journey in the arts and the inspiration and ideals for the Kampala Art Biennale. Check out the Kampala Art […]

DKW’s Canadian intern Lacia Vogel

My passion for printmaking began in 2009. I was studying fine arts at UBC Okanagan in Kelowna, BC, Canada, and I asked my advisor if there was a course I could take that would introduce me to digital photography while allowing me to continue developing my drawing skills. He suggested an introductory silkscreen course that […]

Artist Series E18: Doreen Adengo | Architecture in Uganda

In this Episode Elize de beer chats with Ugandan architect Doreen Adengo about her architecture firm, Ugandan architecture and future projects. CHAPTERS: 00:49- Becoming an architect 01:40- Studies and experience 02:19- Role models and inspiration 02:59- The aim behind her business 04:07- Medical mobile camp 07:40- Architectural History of Kampala 09:19- Dream Project 11:20- Architects […]

PODCAST | Artist Series E17:Zhi Zulu | The Powers of Illustration

In this episode, Nadia Myburgh is in conversation with Zinhle Zulu; a freelance, award-winning contemporary illustrator and founder of Zuluvisual Studios.  Zinhle makes work that alludes to the investigation of her Zulu culture. She has a clear vision of what impact she wants to make through her art; which not only entices others to discover […]