Introducing the Collector’s Room The Blue House, 151 Jan Smuts Avenue, Parkwood Are you looking to start or grow your art collection? The Collector’s Room is the go to place for art collectors to begin or grow their private or corporate collections. This  new addition features a selection of prints from established and emerging African […]

Winter Files, 2019

Maja Maljević’s latest exhibition, The Silence of the Change, has just opened at David Krut Projects, New York, featuring a selection of work from the Winter Files series that was created in collaboration with the David Krut Workshop in Johannesburg earlier this year.  Winter Files marks a breakthrough in Maljević’s relationship with printmaking, prompted by […]

David Krut Podcast | William Kentridge | The Thought Forest

Listening time | 20 minutesProduces and edited by Hagen Gersie, research and curation of text by Jacqueline Flint & hosted by Britt Lawton In this episode of the David Krut Podcast we are going to step outside and wander into the forest. A forest that is, populated with trees drawn and printed by William Kentridge. […]

Print of the Month | October 2019 | William Kentridge

Text by Hagen Gersie In the German language there is a saying that, roughly translated, says: to dance on someone’s nose. It means that a person is doing whatever they want and disobeying any tasks and orders. The Print of the Month in October is Nose 15 by William Kentridge, a figure dressed up as […]

Little Impressions – Play Africa Kids Workshop Sept 2019

Play Africa and the David Krut Workshop recently collaborated for a day of introducing children to printmaking. The morning was spent with a group of children aged 6-8 years old who came from Sigiya Sonke Dance Group in Alexandra. For the afternoon session, public from the inner city and beyond were invited to participate. They […]

Sthenjwa Luthuli – ‘Future Mirror’, 2019

Future Mirror, 2019 is the exquisite product of Luthuli’s recent collaboration with the David Krut Workshop for LATITUDES Limited. LATITUDES Limited is a special limited edition set of fine art silkscreen prints made by 5 artists in collaboration with the David Krut Workshop, and Master Printer Jillian Ross and Printer Roxy Kaczmarek for the Latitudes […]

David Krut Podcast | William Kentridge 27 Years of collaboration – Feature on the Universal Archive

Listening time | 4 minutesHosted by Britt Lawton, edited by Hagen Gersie & research by Jacqueline Flint Upon reflecting on 27 years of collaboration between William Kentridge and David Krut, David Krut Projects is showcasing large-scale and iconic artworks published by David Krut and other studios over the years in an exhibition titled ’27 Years […]

“What does Art do?” – written by Hagen Gersie

“Art is tricky. Because, what does it do exactly? How does it ‘work’? Why are we generally fascinated by art but not, subsequently, by every single piece of art out there? Ever since I joined David Krut Projects some weeks ago as an intern I was asking myself these and other questions. I have a […]

Creative Skills Factory | Blog Updates

Blog Post: Play With Colours, September 30, 2019 It was all about color this week. The children worked on big sheets of paper, with food and watercolor as well as oil pastels. New nuances where mixed right onto the paper and the colors came to live. The process was exciting and aimed at giving space […]

The artist with a deep appreciation for art- Mr Avhashoni Mainganye

At a recent SA Cultural Observatory workshop in the Vhembe district in Sibasa, Limpopo, we came across the definition of an artist- Mr Avhashoni Mainganye. Currently based at the Vhembe Arts and Culture centre in Thohoyandou, the unassuming Mainganye is an accomplished painter, printmaker, sculptor, photographer, arts teacher and mentor with more than 30 years’ […]

William Kentridge 27 Years of collaboration feature ‘West Coast Series: Skurfberg’, 2010

These works relate to drawings that Kentridge made as labels for rare wines made by the Sadie family from vines, planted in around 1900 on the Cape West Coast of South Africa. The collection is called the Ouwingerdreeks (Old Vine Series). During the tour of the vineyards the artist learned some viticultural skills – principles […]

William Kentridge ’27 Years of collaboration’ feature: Universal Archive (Peonies), 2012

This work also forms part of the Universal Archive series of linocuts. The traditional still life image of flowers in a vase reverberates throughout Western art history, from the Impressionists to the present. This image recalls most specifically the 1882 painting by Edouard Manet of flowers in an oblong crystal vase. Flower-centric still life images function in […]

Adejoke Tugbiyele, Woman Dignity, 2019

Tugbiyele is a talented, award-winning international visual artist, sculptor, filmmaker, writer, activist and Fulbright scholar. Born in Brooklyn but of Nigerian descent, Adejoke has a Masters in Fine Arts from the Maryland Institute College of Art.She has exhibited at The Smithsonian National Museum of African Art, The Brooklyn Museum, Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian […]

New Editions by William Kentridge | 1975 Linocut Impressions & Triumphs and Laments Woodcut Text Pieces 2019

In the 27 years since their meeting in 1992, Kentridge has collaborated with David Krut on numerous print editions, which have brought together Master Printers at print workshops in various countries. Upon reflection on Kentridge’s substantial contribution to printmaking, the David Krut Workshop has revisited two linoleum plates that Kentridge carved in 1975, during his […]

David Krut Podcast | David Krut & Jillian Ross on collaborating with William Kentridge

In this episode, David Krut is in conversation with master printer Jillian Ross about the origins and working process of the Triumphs & Laments Woodcuts Series, as well as what to expect in a new showcase at the David Krut Gallery titled ‘William Kentridge: 27 Years of Collaboration.’ They also touch on an upcoming presentation […]

David Krut Podcast | Stephen Hobbs in conversation with Jacqueline Flint

EPISODE DESCRIPTION In this episode, artist Stephen Hobbs and writer Jacqueline Flint have a conversation about Stephen’s latest exhibition at David Krut Projects titled Body Parts (July – August 2019). The conversation took place at the David Krut Gallery – 142 Jan Smuts Avenue, Parkwood, Johannesburg. The two talk about where Hobbs draws his inspiration […]

Print of the Month | Sept 2019 | by João Renato Orecchia Zúñiga

Text by Hagen Gersie Have you ever tried to visualise music? It is an arduous task, but one that João Renato Orecchia Zúñiga set out to achieve. Printmaking is not a typical field for the Peruvian-Italian Brooklyn-born and Johannesburg-based artist, composer and maker of physical and virtual “things”, who is usually occupied with sound, space […]


The launch of special limited edition fine art silkscreen prints made by selected artists in collaboration with the David Krut Workshop and Master Printer Jillian Ross and printer Roxy Kaczmarek. LATITUDES Limited prints are available as part of the Latitudes VIP Limited package, at R4000 (incl. VAT).  Contact to reserve your print and your place […]

David Krut Podcast | Artist Series E29 | Zhi Zulu & Zebra Crossing

Ever wondered how the animals who have been left out of the Big Five feel? This is the question that inspired Zhi Zulu’s latest work, ‘Zebra Crossing.’ In this episode, Britt Lawton from David Krut Projects spoke to illustrator, artist and graphic novelist Zhi Zulu about her latest artwork ‘Zebra Crossing’- the result of a […]