Deborah Bell – Invocations to the Plate

David KruT Projects is proud to announce new editions by Deborah Bell.  The series was launched at her exhibition Invocations to the Plate at the David Krut Projects Gallery, Johannesburg. Bell’s work considers the border between mortality and immortality, matter and spirit, presence and absence, the quotidian and the mythic, the grounded and the transcended. […]

DKW Intern | Sarah Hunkin

I have come to realize that a print workshop like David Krut, is not all about the inking up and printing, it’s a huge part but definitely not the only thing that happens in the studio. I am Sarah, a 4th year BA Fine Arts student, studying at Wits University and I’m majoring in Linocut […]

Purnaa Deb Drawing Technique

‘A Tale of Quests’ is the first solo exhibition by Indian-born, Johannesburg based artist Purnaa Deb hosted at David Krut Bookstore Gallery. The exhibition features a body of mixed media artworks by the artist who shares her personal narratives about womanhood, tradition and relocating from India to South Africa. Purnaa demonstrated her traditional drawing technique […]

Word Art E06 | Weskus Witblitz by Justin Fox

An Epic poem written and read by Justin Fox and published in the Stanzas anthologies. Travel writer, novelist and photographer based in Cape Town, South Africa. He is a former editor at large of the Getaway travel magazine and editor of Getaway International magazine.

Fifa 2010 Official Art Poster Edition

During the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, David Krut Projects was an official distributor of a series of limited edition FIFA posters. The poster collection comprised of 17 South African and international artists celebrating and paying homage to the ‘beautiful game’. The artists included are: William Kentridge Kentridge is one of SA leading artists […]

Artist Series E12: The Colourist Manifesto

In this podcast episode Curator Elize de Beer and Gabrielle van der Merwe elaborate on the ideas that surround the space. The Colourist Manifesto is a group exhibition of David Krut associated artists, working with colour in print, opening on Saturday the 17th of March 2018. Traditionally, printmaking has existed with in a monochromatic realm. […]

Artist Series E15: Lorenzo Nassimbeni studio visit

Elize de Beer and Lorenzo Nassimbeni talk about his latest ventures in art since moving to Cape Town from Johannesburg. The current body of work that Nassimbeni is making is in preparation for his upcoming solo exhibition at David Krut Projects in Johannesburg, in October. In this podcast, he talks about the process behind this […]

Artist Series E14: Purnaa Deb’s “A Tale of Quests”

In this Session, Mthabisi Sithole talks to Indian-born Purnaa Deb about home, nostalgia, identity and reaching beyond the exotic membrane found in her work. Exploring printmaking in collaboration with homegrown Indian processes, Deb investigates and reconciles those instances that drive one’s walk into self with a surprising nuance and tenderness. “A Tale Of Quests” is […]

Technical Demonstration – Deborah Bell

Deborah Bell’s Invocation to the Plate technical demonstration Last Saturday (21 April 2018) the David Krut Gallery hosted a technical demonstration by the David Krut Workshop on Chine collé. Master Printer Jillian Ross along with printer Kim-Lee Loggenberg and Roxy Kaczmarek talked an excited group of artists and art lovers through the steps of printing on, […]

The Colourist Manifesto: The impact of Raw Umber

The Colourist Manifesto, currently on show at David Krut Projects Cape Town, explores and celebrates the use of colour in printmaking by showcasing a variety of artist’s works made in collaboration with the David Krut Workshop. Traditionally, printmaking has existed within a monochromatic realm but through this showcase of artworks by artists who function as […]

The Proof is in the Printmaking

Explaining Proofs in printmaking at the David Krut Workshop (DKW) At the David Krut Workshop (DKW) we specialize in edition printing of intaglio (see further terms in glossary), relief (linoleum and woodcut) as well as making unique works in Monotype. During a project the artist is invited to spend time in the Workshop with the […]

Invocations to the Plate | Deborah Bell | Opening Night

It was a wonderful opening to the latest Deborah Bell exhibition Invocations to the Plate, at our Parkwood gallery on Thursday the 12th of April 2018. The evening was well attended as friends, family and patrons of Bell were celebrating the diverse artistic achievements in her latest body of work, which includes several new pieces such as […]

PODCAST | Artist Series 3 Part Conversation between Lebo Thoka and Kholeka Shange

Lebo Thoka is a photography graduate from the Open Window Institute in Pretoria. Born and raised in Johannesburg, Thoka has been a freelancing photographer for 3 years, venturing into commercial and fine art photography. Thoka identifies as a Feminist which has managed to manifest itself into her first fine art body of work It is well: […]

A Landmark in Abstraction | The Making of ‘Contraint’ by Jacob van Schalkwyk

A LANDMARK IN ABSTRACTION Constraint is Jacob van Schalkwyk’s first tapestry with Marguerite Stephens. Hand-woven at Stephens Tapestry Studio outside Johannesburg, Constraint follows three years of conversation between Stephens and Van Schalkwyk about tapestry, with Van Schalkwyk researching key aspects of the Studio’s production, both in Swaziland and Johannesburg. “I needed time to learn the […]

Print/s of the Month (April) – Jaco Van Schalkwyk

Jaco van Schalkwyk’s Waltz is a multi-plate deeply bitten, sugarlift aquatint etching printed onto a thin translucent paper*. The technique of sugarlift (painting with sugar) allows for gestural and painterly marks to be etched into the copper plate and plates were deeply bitten to hold a large amount of ink. This print demonstrates Van Schalkwyk’s carefully […]

Mongezi Ncaphayi in the Workshop

As the smooth sound of Kandace Springs fill the workshop Mongezi Ncaphayi arranges cut out shapes of paper, in preparation for chine collé, and draws with crayon and ink working on his latest series of lyrical abstract monotypes.   Mongezi’s process is one of chance and intuition. The prints are layered and composite of lines, […]

Artist Series E08: It Is Well: An Ode To Karabo with Lebo Thoka

Lebo Thoka is a photography graduate from the Open Window Institute in Pretoria. Born and raised in Johannesburg, Thoka has been a freelancing photographer for 3 years, venturing in commercial and fine art photography. Thoka identifies as a Feminist which has managed to manifest itself into her first fine art body of work It is well: […]

Print/s of the Month (March) – Stephen Hobbs

In the work Pop up Forest Hobbs drew inspiration from: a) The strategic use of makeshift “pop-up forests” in the First and Second World War. b) The pop-up book, Untitled, which was made for his solo show at DKP, Be Careful in the Working Radius (2013). Hobbs uses leaf shapes from the Newlands forest in Cape Town as […]