Introducing the Collector’s Room The Blue House, 151 Jan Smuts Avenue, Parkwood Are you looking to start or grow your art collection? The Collector’s Room is the go to place for art collectors to begin or grow their private or corporate collections. This  new addition features a selection of prints from established and emerging African […]

David Krut Podcast | Artist Series E29 | Zhi Zulu & Zebra Crossing

Ever wondered how the animals who have been left out of the Big Five feel? This is the question that inspired Zhi Zulu’s latest work, ‘Zebra Crossing.’ In this episode, Britt Lawton from David Krut Projects spoke to illustrator, artist and graphic novelist Zhi Zulu about her latest artwork ‘Zebra Crossing’- the result of a […]

Print of the Month | July/August | David Koloane | “Power 1”

David Krut Workshop’s July/August print of the month commemorates the late David Koloane (1938 -2019). The influential artist’s work looks with a lively and perceptive eye at the bustling urban environment with a particular focus on the complexities of the South African urban landscape.  Koloane’s work is often recurring and commonly depicts township scenes, dogs, […]

Sneak Peak – Maja Maljević in the Workshop

This past July has seen artist Maja Maljevic hard at work at the David Krut Workshop. The teams flurry of printing activity is in preparation of her upcoming solo project in New York in October. Maljevic has been working with Master Printer Jillian Ross and the workshop team to produce a new series of mixed […]

Turbine Art Fair 2019

VISIT US AT TURBINE ART FAIR 2019 11 – 14 July | 10 Fricker Road Visit us at RMB Turbine Art Fair between 12 and 14 July 2019 at booth G20 as we showcase a collection of work produced at the David Krut Workshop and a selection of prints and unique works by our associated […]

Zhi Zulu collaborates with the David Krut Workshop

I am Zhi Zulu. I’m a 23-year-old, Gold craft Loerie award-winning illustrator from the beautiful city of Johannesburg. I love to tell stories through illustration. I just completed a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Visual Communication at the Open Window Institute. I have worked previously as a graphic designer and illustrator. I am currently the sole-owner of a […]

INSTRUCTION Performances by João Orecchia

David Krut Projects was pleased to open Instruction on 14 May 2019 at 142A Jan Smuts Avenue, Parkwood, Johannesburg. Instruction was the first solo project by João Renato Orecchia Zúñiga; a visual exploration of a playful and intuitive working process with sound and music. Orecchia finds ways of charting sonic movements and translations onto paper, developing […]

David Krut Podcast | Artist Series E28: Paul Senyol – Markers

In this episode, Britt Lawton from the David Krut Gallery sat down to speak to self-taught artist Paul Senyol the day of his opening for Markers – a solo showcase done in collaboration with Paul Senyol and his representing gallery Salon91, Cape Town. Paul Senyol is an abstract painter who reflects the details of everyday […]

The Art We Make E04: Treasure Trove

In this episode, Erin and Mthabisi from David Krut Projects discuss our latest showcase titled ‘Treasure Trove’ at the Blue House – 151 Jan Smuts Ave, Parkwood. A Treasure Trove is a collection or store of valuable or delightful things. A continuation of a previous David Krut Projects (DKP) showcase of almost sold-out prints from […]


Orecchia is now travelling internationally to perform his compositions with The Blind Mass Orchestra during the Holland Festival 2019 in Amsterdam. William Kentridge and Faustin Linyekula are also taking part in the festival as associate artists. As an introduction, William Kentridge will be on stage with his lecture-performance Defence of the Less Good Idea, an ode to deviating from an […]

William Kentridge’s ‘A Poem is not your Own’ features the Triumphs and Laments Woodcut series, Kunst Museum, Basel

“Designed in close consultation with the artist, the exhibition showcases early graphic art and films from the 1980s and 1990s as well as examples of Kentridge’s more recent output, including the first adaptations for museum presentation of elements from The Head & The Load, which premiered at the Tate Modern, London, in the summer of […]

Print of the Month June | Mongezi Ncaphayi | ‘Rejoice’ 2017

Rejoice is 1 of 4 prints, in a series of predominantly water colour monotype prints combined with momentary water based Woody crayon marks. Mongezi Ncaphayi first collaborated with David Krut Workshop (DKW) in 2013, he was the recipient of the Gerard Sekoto Award and Absa L’Atelier Awards in the same year. He has also recently […]

‘Instruction’ Kids Workshop with João Orecchia

Artist Joao Renato Orecchia Zuniga’s exhibition ‘Instruction‘ is a visual exploration of a playful and intuitive working process with sound and music. Orecchia and the David Krut Workshop opened up this process to children through two Kids Workshops. The 2 hour workshop (for children aged 6-12yrs) began with stamp making, the group cut shapes and stuck […]

Treasure Trove

treasure trove Noun (n.) a collection or store of valuable or delightful things. A continuation of a previous David Krut Projects (DKP) showcase of almost sold-out prints from David Krut Workshop (DKW) collaborations through the years; the Blue House at 151 Jan Smuts Avenue presents Treasure Trove. The space houses artworks from over two decades […]

Artist Series E27: João Orecchia: Instruction – Scores, Collaboration and Printmaking

Elize De Beer had an opportunity to chat to João Orecchia at our Arts on Main Workshop about his music and artistic practice ahead of his upcoming exhibition Instruction, opening 14 May 2019 – 142A Jan Smuts Avenue, Parkwood. João Orecchia is a Johannesburg based artist, composer and maker of physical and virtual “things” that […]

Community Series E04: Ralf Seippel in conversation with David Krut

This episode is taken from a conversation between Ralf Seippel and David Krut during Ralfs annual visit to Johannesburg. It took place in January 2019 at David Krut Projects THE BLUE HOUSE at 151 Jan Smuts Avenue, Parkwood. The conversation reflects on Ralf’s relationship with South Africa, arts education and the overall experience and development […]

Print Workshop – A Week in Pictures, 5 April 2019

William Kentridge was in the workshop this week to add to the second part of the large-scale woodcut Leaning on Air. He has been tearing and pinning pieces onto the print to indicate carving and where to place torn collage pieces. The team is now busy tracing these indicated areas, carving and proofing them. Jillian […]

Print/s of the Month | April/May 2019 | Deborah Bell | “Now that the living outnumber the Dead”, 2005. State Proof.

Now that the Living Outnumber the Dead was made in 2005 and is part of Deborah Bell’s on going collaboration with the David Krut Workshop. The work falls into a continuing series that are based on sketches from her notebooks.  The sketches are created on her numerous visits to museums both local and abroad. The […]