Alexandra Makhlouf


Alexandra Makhlouf completed her BA Fine Art at WITS University in 2009. She started at DKW as the artist in residence in June 2010, creating small-scale experimental drawings in the front of the workshop. Naturally, she became more involved in the printing process of the workshop and began making multiples of miniature etchings, which later progressed into larger monotypes. She says “I started off with three base images of which multiples were made. Each of the drawings looks almost completely different from the other and in a strange sense I became an author imagining her characters in different situations, manipulating, moving, erasing and adding until they inhabited an entropic mélange of fragmented narratives.”

She says that she needs to listen to something while she works as it informs the subject matter of her artwork. She doesn’t listen to her favourite tracks or even emotive background music to set the mood, as one might expect. Her choice of audio material consists of media tribunals and audio books such as the dystopian Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Brandbury. Her works are also very personal, drawing on her own emotions and experiences.

Another major influence for Alexandra is Surrealism, especially during the time that she was working on her dry point and spitbite prints. “It’s a juxtaposition of random things” she says. In the same way, her work became a layering and juxtaposing of various stories and information. She tried to capture the importance of the stories she was reading at the time and to give them a place in the images that she was creating.

Makhlouf was of one of the artists in the DKW Monotype Project exhibition in October 2010.


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