When Dog Turns to Wolf

When Dog Turns to Wolf
June 8 – July 17, 2010

“Entre chien et loup” is a thirteenth century French colloquialism dating from antiquity that describes the half-light of dusk or dawn when the naked eye cannot distinguish a dog from a wolf. These are bewitching hours when shapes are indiscernible, shadows shift and take on forms of their own – the eye questions what it sees.

David Krut Projects is delighted to present “When Dog Turns to Wolf”, a group exhibition of four women sculptors – Jess Perlitz, Beverly Semmes, Jude Tallichet and Marie Watt – whose work investigates the space between reality and illusion, exploring the tension between the clearly delineated, and the indistinguishable.

Beverly Semmes’ green dress with a hole in the center and Marie Watt’s brass blanket tower challenge the functionality of forms associated with domesticity, while alluding to an awe-inspiring and, at times, threatening wilderness. Jude Tallichet’s cast clothing and books scattered across the floor become clues to events unknown, and Jess Perlitz’s utilitarian, hand-cranked disco ball circles light across the room with unusual speed and rhythm, operating – as all of these works do – in a slippery and elusive space.

For more information, please email [email protected].

When Dog Turns to Wolf: Installation Images


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