With Hidden Noise

With Hidden Noise
February 20 – April 4, 2009

With Hidden Noise is an exhibition featuring the work of Glen Baldridge, Alex Dodge, Joseph Hart, Jason Jagel, Phil Sanders, and Tatiana Simonova. Curated by Phil Sanders, Master Printer at the Robert Blackburn Workshop.

In uncertain times we clamor to find what we have hidden and stored away. Uncertainty invites investigation. Uncertainty heightens clarity. Duchamp’s iconic Dada work from 1916, With Hidden Noise, could hold a coin or a diamond inside, but only one person knows which. The artist never knew what was placed there, but the noise of the hidden object inside indicated presence and potential.

The artists in this exhibition work in dramatically different ways, yet each work contains that presence. The artists rely on the potential hidden in the viewer, released by the work. Whether by means colorful, subtle, sculptural, or crass, these artists demonstrate a certainty about the value of art. What can be found in this exhibition is the rattling of a new generation determined to release its potential.

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