Ring the Changes – A Group Exhibition

15 September – 15 November 2014

David Krut Projects at the Montebello Design Centre is slowly evolving. Our response to the cold and wet Newlands winter this year was to make our space a bit warmer, more comfortable for ourselves and more inviting to our patrons.

To accompany the altered space, we’re ringing the changes with our current exhibition – an installation of work both new and old from the David Krut Print Workshop that we intend to change on a regular basis, according to weather or whim. By dismantling the packaging that exhibitions usually come in, encouraging them to melt and bleed into each other, we are able to take a curatorial approach that is simultaneously pragmatic and spontaneous. Almost like a visual form of Scrabble, we make a selection and transform it into an installation; then we add and remake, playing with configurations of works and choosing how we want to play them. This process not only allows us to see a broader selection of work coming out of the workshop, it also allows us to experiment with different combinations, seeing the same works in a different light, opening up different meanings and conversations.

The first installation features new work by William Kentridge, Mischa Fritsch, Quinten Williams, Deborah Bell and Senzo Shabangu. Previous works include editions by Colbert Mashile, Faith47, Mary Wafer and Stephen Hobbs.



We’ll keep posting updates on changes over the weeks, and also what events we have planned in our evolving space.

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