Andrzej Nowicki: Sleep Depot

David Krut Projects held an exhibition of Andrzej Nowicki works entitled Sleep Depot during the month of March. Nowicki is a recent Masters graduate from the Michaelis School of Art and a recipient of the Irma Stern Scholarship. The work on exhibition consisted of six watercolours on paper, one oil on canvas, five prints, and a large monoprint and collage on paper. Nowicki has attracted a large following in a short period of time and so it was not surprising that his unique works sold out within six hours of the show opening to the public and the prints followed closely behind.

Nowicki was born in Poland and moved with his parents to South Africa at the age of eight. His works, reminiscent of ‘post-socialist’ East German painting are muted in palette and have a distinct graphic quality. His open narratives reveal the influence of the comic-book medium and are often populated by macabre figures conducting unsettling and unresolved detective work. Nowicki himself is reluctant to discuss the “meaning” behind his images, as he would prefer the audience to construct their own fantasy around the ambiguous events that seem to occur in each work. This reluctance is also demonstrated by his refusal to give titles to any of his works.

Nowicki recently relocated to New York where he plans to continue working primarily with gouache, etching, watercolour and collage.

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