William Kentridge Editioned Prints

  • THE NOSE SERIES OF 30 ETCHINGS, relates to Kentridge’s opera at the MET in New York
  • OTHER PRINTS AVAILABLE, a selection of editions published by David Krut and others
  • ARCHIVED PRINTS, editions which have sold out, but may become available

William Kentridge studied, and then taught, printmaking at the Johannesburg Art Foundation. Since the mid 1970’s he has created a substantial body of editioned work.

In 1997 David Krut published a CD-Rom on Kentridge, which was the first major publication on his work, presenting Kentridge talking about aspects of his work up until that time. Listen to extracts in the David Krut Podcast episode below.

In 2002 David Krut Print Workshop (DKW) was established in Johannesburg, and in 2010 a further workshop was opened at Arts On Main where Kentridge has a major studio.

David Krut Projects continues to collaborate with Kentridge in both the publishing of his print editions and also in publishing books on the artist’s work. William Kentridge Prints was a book published in 2006 which provides an overview of the artist’s editions up to that time. For more publications on Kentridge, visit the David Krut Bookstore online here

William Kentridge on Techniques & Processes, Influences and Artworks

This podcast contains a number of audio snippets from a CD-ROM on William Kentridge published by David Krut in 1997. The first part (Techniques & Processes) deals with insight on how Kentridge generates his ideas. He discusses the unexpected ,transformative value of drawing, which inspires his process. He also discusses scale, light and space in regards to movement, mark making and “finding the drawing.”

The second part covers Kentridge’s Work, Life & Influences. Kentridge talks about growing up in Johannesburg and his relationship with the landscape. His University years ignited his interest in different fields of activity such as politics, drawing, theater and film-making which is noticeable in the constructed dramatic scenes of his drawings. Willam Kentridge’s collaboration with the Handspring Puppet Company catapulted him into Theater and opera. Combining animation and Puppetry on live stage inspired his installation at the Havana Biennal in Santa Fe giving way to more layers of meaning and a richer experience. Lastly, Kentridge reveals his constellation of influences throughout his art career. His ways of seeing were not only developed by the lecturers, masters and artist he was exposed to but also the surroundings of the Johannesburg landscape he describes as line work in itself.

Part 3 takes a look at various of Kentridge’s artworks up until 1997.

CHAPTERS: 1. On Techniques & Processes – 0:06 1.1 Generating Ideas Through Drawing – 0:06 1.2 Evoke Meaning Through Drawing – 2:51 1.3 Scale, Light & Space – 5:32 2. Work, Life & Influences – 9:52 2.1 Growing Up in Johannesburg – 9:52 2.2 Collaboration with Handspring Puppet Company – 12:52 2.3 Constellation of Influences – 17:00 3. Artworks – 21:33 3.1 Art in a State – 21:33 3.2 Little Morals – 22:44 3.3 Heads and Irises – 23:32 3.4 Colonial Landscapes – 25:14 3.5 UBU – 26:14 3.6 Sleeper & Sleeper Etchings – 27:37

Available on David Krut Projects Podomatic, Spotify and  Itunes.




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