Lady Skollie’s ‘Watermeid’ Series – Unique Monoprint variations 2023

The David Krut Workshop (DKW) is privileged to have had Laura Windvogel aka ‘Lady Skollie’ in the print studio collaborating with the DKW team: printers Roxy Kaczmarek and Sarah Judge, on making monoprint unique variation prints this past March 2023.

Lady Skollie scratching into the Plexi plastic to create a range of detailed marks.
Tools used to make drypoint marks in the plexi plastic.

Lady Skollie started off working onto a large plastic plexi plate with drypoint tools to create the image of a mermaid or ‘Watermeid’. The shape of the plate has been cut into an oval or ‘cosmic egg’. Lady Skollie’s scratching directly into the surface of the plexi plastic material creates a myriad of marks some delicate and detailed, others gestural and textured, with a thick bur that holds the ink to create dark heavy tones.

Monotype layer on left and drypoint layer on right
Lady Skollie working on a monotype layer
The drypoint layer being inked up in a beautiful pink ink

Printer Sarah Judge then applied ink to the drypoint plate and removes the excess so it only remains in the grooves and marks that Lady Skollie has made. Meanwhile Lady Skollie paints directly onto another plate that has no scratches. These two plates are then sent through the press to transfer one after the other to transfer their impression. The drypoint plate can be wiped up in any colour desired. And each time Lady Skollie paints the monotype layer she can reinterpret as she sees fit, experimenting with different colour combinations.

‘Ek is a watermeid’, 2023, is the hand worked ghost of one of the first prints Lady Skollie made during the collaboration. It is featured on ‘Bitches Brew’ a group exhibition by Lucinda Mudge, Lady Skollie and Sanell Aggenbach at the Everard Read Gallery.

For more information on upcoming work to be published please contact [email protected].

Printer Sarah Judge inking up the drypoint plate.
Lady Skollie and David Krut at the opening of ‘Bitches Brew’ at Everard Read.
Lady Skollie, ‘Ek is ‘n watermeid’, 2023, Ghost of an oil based monoprint with added hand work, 78 x 57cm

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