Community Series E04: Ralf Seippel in conversation with David Krut

This episode is taken from a conversation between Ralf Seippel and David Krut during Ralfs annual visit to Johannesburg. It took place in January 2019 at David Krut Projects THE BLUE HOUSE at 151 Jan Smuts Avenue, Parkwood. The conversation reflects on Ralf’s relationship with South Africa, arts education and the overall experience and development of Arts on Main. 2019 sees the 10th anniversary of the establishment of ARTS ON MAIN (AOM). Ralf and Delia Seippel set up one of the pioneer galleries at AOM together with David Krut and his Workshop and Bookstore, as well as the Canteen restaurant owned by Matt Townsend. In 2010, the Seippels established a photography gallery known as Bailey Seippel at AOM. Later they rented a larger space at AOM known as Seippel Gallery which was closed after six years to focus on their gallery in Cologne.

1 – Ralf coming to South Africa, meeting David Koloane, Womens Voices, Mercedes Benz corporate collection and creating an educational supplement
8:38 – David Krut publishing his Taxi Art Books
9:38 – Ralf and David Koloane’s relationship
12:00 – How Ralf became involved in and influenced by Fine Arts
15:00 – How Delia became involved
17:20 – Johannesburg, “It’s very rough but it’s interesting”
21:00 – Germany and the interest in arts and culture
26:00 – Influence that Ralf left in SA
27:00 – Matt Townsend, The Canteen restaurant, Arts on Main, Galleries and Retail: The success and failure of Arts on Main
40:00 – Arts on Main: Too ambitious?
45:00 – Open discussion development and maintenance of Arts on Main between David Krut, Ralf Seippel, Matthew Townsend and Colleen Alborough.

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