Artist Series E19: Daudi Karungi | The Kampala Art Biennale 2018

In This episode Elize de Beer is in conversation with Daudi Karungi, artist, owner and curator of the Afriart Gallery in Kampala, Uganda and director of the Kampala Art Biennale.

Daudi tells us all about his journey in the arts and the inspiration and ideals for the Kampala Art Biennale.

Check out the Kampala Art Biennale facebook page and website at:

For more information on AfriArt Gallery follow this link:


01:00- Where did the passion for art come from.

06:20- The Kampala Art Biennale, filling the gap, transferring knowledge

15:00- Working with Simon Njami

20:50- Master artists and apprentices

24:40- What will be showcased.

26:18- The big goal.


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Edited by Gabrielle van der Merwe