Silencing The Grain: Aftermath of The Flood 2016-11

Blogger: Sbongiseni Khulu

Date: 25.11.2016

As the proofing of William Kentridge’s The Flood continues it becomes all the more apparent to us that everything is subject to change. Be it the woods natural inclination to expand and contract due to external stimuli or our rigorous efforts to document those changes so that we may attain the same image each and every time, everything is subject to change.

William Kentridge making adjustments to ‘The Flood’ by tearing and covering areas that show an overwhelming amount of grain
…and so the outline was then laid-out yet again

It wasn’t long after that, that the decision to flood the grain came to be… and so printmaker  Chad Cordeiro had yet another conversation with the grain only this time it would prove to be their last.

The desired outcome was then acquired through the use of Brummer’s Superior wood filler. However, given that the wood fillers natural state is somewhat rigid we then added water to it and mixed it to a finite paste malleable enough to fill in the wood grain without damaging the image. It was essential that we be swift as the paste dries and hardens at an accelerated rate. Needless to say, we didn’t always prove to be quick on our feet, and as a result the excess paste on the blocks was then removed with high grade sand paper.

The results…




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