Maximillian Goldin – True North opening

True North is Maximillian Goldin’s first solo exhibition of graphite drawings and the limited edition artist book of the same title, which opened at David Krut Projects at the Montebello Design Centre in Newlands on Saturday 15th August 2015. The exhibition will run until 29 August 2015.

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Goldin’s show opened to a mixed crowd of young and old and was warmly received despite the cold weather. The much-anticipated exhibition was attended by a cluster of admirers including none other than the renowned South African visual artist Alice Goldin (pictured above right) who came to support her grandson’s first exhibition. It is clear to see that young Goldin is making a mark of his own.

“True North”, offers viewers a more in-depth look into the story of Pik and Huf, with sketches that are not included in the final book project, as well as unique insight into Goldin’s own journey of creative self-discovery.  “True North” follows Pik (part-seahorse, part-wolf) and Huf (part-owl, part-eagle), who leave their broken world in a beautiful swan-like ship.

Voyaging through a storm of biblical proportions, they eventually arrive in a new utopian world – the inverse of their broken home, and perhaps a reminder of what it once was. Here they continue to follow the guidance of the creature called Swann, who leads them ultimately to a place of introspection, in which resolution of the different fragments of personality suddenly seems possible.

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A wooden sculpture replicating the ship has been created in collaboration with Right Mukore, wood craftsman at Montebello Design Centre, and will be on display for the duration of the exhibit.

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