Mischa Fritsch Biography

Mischa Fritsch was born 1970, in Johannesburg, South Africa, to Austrian parents. At the age of seven his family relocated to Munich, Germany where he attended Waldorf School. Amongst other things, this environment exposed him to the various arts and crafts and encouraged his growing interest and emerging talent. He was particularly inspired by the art of jewellery-making and attempted his first pieces in his father’s dental laboratory.

Fritsch later began experimenting with found materials and metals in the medium of sculpture. After his apprenticeship with Erich Baldauf in Munich, Fritsch returned to South Africa to embark on several successful ventures in the jewellery industry, while maintaining his interest in sculpture. In 2004, Fritsch turned more of his energies towards sculpture again and has pursued this activity since. His practice has developed into one that is keenly focused on history and materiality, working mainly with found objects finely crafted into new forms. He has recently begun to incorporate other media, such as video, into his work.

Fritsch has, to date, had two solo exhibitions with David Krut Projects, the first being held in Spring of 2010 as the first exhibition in the expanded gallery space. The second solo, Remote Projections, included sculptural, two-dimensional and video installations, and was shown at David Krut Projects (Cape Town) in January 2013 before moving to Franschoek as part of the annual literary festival. Fritsch’s work was also included in The Benediction of Shade (David Krut Projects Cape Town) in 2013, and The Benediction of Shade II (David Krut Projects Johannesburg) in 2014.