Benediction of Shade – Images from the Opening

Images from the opening reception of The Benediction of Shade at David Krut Projects, Cape Town, 11 May 2013.

Thanks to Bradlox Vans and Colin Meyer – ||Hui !Gaeb di Khoen (Cape Town’s People) – for a fabulous performance. Thanks also to the Centre for Popular Memory for the use of their sound equipment and to photographers Beth Armstrong and Niklas Zimmer for documenting the event.

More images from the event on Facebook, click here.

Niklas Zimmer_J8P7661_w

Niklas Zimmer_J8P7651_w Niklas Zimmer_J8P7647_w Niklas Zimmer_J8P7642_w Niklas Zimmer_J8P7638_w Niklas Zimmer_J8P7627_w Niklas Zimmer_J8P7625_w Niklas Zimmer_J8P7622_w Niklas Zimmer_J8P7615_w Niklas Zimmer_J8P7613_w

Niklas Zimmer_J8P7606_w Niklas Zimmer_J8P7599_w Niklas Zimmer_J8P7597_w Niklas Zimmer_J8P7594_w Niklas Zimmer_J8P7586_w Niklas Zimmer_J8P7576_w Niklas Zimmer_J8P7571_w Niklas Zimmer_J8P7551_w Niklas Zimmer_J8P7547_w Niklas Zimmer_J8P7539_w Niklas Zimmer_J8P7530_w Niklas Zimmer_J8P7523_w Niklas Zimmer_J8P7522_w Niklas Zimmer_J8P7520_w DSCN7155 (1280x960) DSCN7154 (1280x960) DSCN7149 (1280x960) DSCN7146 (1280x968) DSCN7138 (960x1280) DSCN7135 (1280x960) DSCN7134 (1280x960) DSCN7131 (960x1280) DSCN7128 (1280x960) DSCN7127 (1280x960) DSCN7125 (1280x960) DSCN7123 (1280x960) DSCN7116 (1280x960) Niklas Zimmer_J8P7670_w

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