Windows on War: Russian Posters 1941-1945 at Iziko SANG

24 November 2011 – 1 April 2012

In 1954, the South African Library recieved a large number of posters produced in the Soviet Union during World War II. In 1991, the posters were presented to the South African National Gallery, and an exhibition of selected works was shown at the Gallery in 1997.

The posters are the famous TASS WINDOWS which were first produced and printed shortly after the invasion of the Soviet Union by Nazi Germany in 1941. They are large, brightly coloured posters accompanied by a didactic text or often by a lengthy poem. The posters are printed using a highly sophisticated stencilling technique called pochoir.

In addition to the posters, there is a display of lithographs printed in Russia during the Second World War, as well as material clearly showing the strength of the support in South Africa for the Soviet Union during the war years.

The idea to curate another exhibition of the posters came from Jonathan Berndt, whose research has been incorporated into this exhibition. Sadly, Berndt passed away in August 2010. This exhibition is a tribute to his memory and work.

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