Sean Slemon at DKW

Sean Slemon has been working on a series of etchings at David Krut Print Workshop, Arts on Main, in anticipation of his solo exhibition with Nirox Projects. Slemon’s exhibition will run at Nirox during July, with a further showing of work at David Krut Projects, Arts on Main.

Jillian Ross (Print Workshop Manager), Sean Slemon, Talya Lubinsky (Printmaker)

Together with the printmakers Slemon has been experimenting with hardground etchings and soapground aquatints on a series of small prints.

Slemon working with soapground

“Soapground is used to protect portions of a plate from the acid. Soap, however, is imperfectly acid-resistant. The acid penetrates it in varying degrees depending on its thickness. The artist draws with a paste made of soap flakes, linseed oil, and water. Next, an aquatint is added to provide tooth to the non-image portions of the plate. The resulting image has tonal gradations, but is essentially white against a dark background.” (Definition courtesy