Senzo Shabangu – Naked Pressure – Exhibition Review

Madala Thepa of The New Age reviewed Senzo Shabangu’s Naked Pressure exhibition in the Monday 22 August 2011 edition of the newspaper.

Below is an excerpt. The full review can be seen here.

“Shabangu uses watercolours and linocut to weave what can be termed the “hideousness” of the daily socio-politics of city life. His technique renders the landscape of the city of Joburg upside down, with figures looking inside the picture and rarely looking outside.

In this body of work, which constitutes 22 pieces, the artist only allows us to view three elements – the landscape, the figure and the environment or the land.

Like many other artists with the same theme or similar bent in interpreting the city, Shabangu is a flâneur in the sense that the process of observation in his art perceptively interprets the social phenomena of the city – in this case, Joburg…