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Subtle differences | Chine collé

This technique is sometimes so subtle, to the untrained eye it could go completely unnoticed, however the effect it can have on a print can be crucial to the finish of an image. But what is Chine collé? Roughly translated from French: Chine = thin tissue and collé = glue or paste. The word Chine […]

Lynda Ballen – Concerning ...

Lynda Ballen – Concerning Preciousness – Walkabout 1 November 19:00, Arts on Main

Lynda Ballen will be holding the final walkabout for her exhibition, Concerning Preciousness, at David Krut Projects Arts on Main at 19:00. Along with the walkabout the Night Market will also be happening at Arts on Main, as well as the opening of Stephen Hobbs’ show, Dazzle Plans, at Parts and Labour.