Jug and Coffeepot

Jug and Coffee Pot (Love Reciprocated) This work is a single colour lithograph on chine-collé created in 2014 at the Artist’s Press, a studio that specialises in hand-printed stone lithography, just outside White River in Mpumalanga. The image is a playful take on recurring images – jugs and coffee pots – in Kentridge’s oeuvre. It […]

God bless my village

Untitled (Chair #5)

Chad Cordeiro: 4 AM Fire Walker

This image was conceived during Chad Cordeiro’s undergraduate Fine Art degree at the University of the Witwatersrand in 2014. It forms part of an ongoing fictional narrative about Johannesburg as an independent state, which is embedded in the collaborative practice of Cordeiro, and Nathaniel Sheppard III. 4am Firewalker was conceptualized and produced after Cordeiro and […]

Ivy Grobler – Guardian of ...

Ivy Grobler – Guardian of Portals

Artist statement: Stephen Jay Gould (American palaeontologist, evolutionary biologist, and historian of science) said” The pictures we draw betray our deepest conviction and display our current conceptual limitations.” An overarching theme is based on Ivy Grobler’s view that our beliefs will be reflected in popular culture. Storytelling is a crucial aspect of the artist’s work. […]

Reality (ed. of 10)

Freedom of Speech (ed. of 10)

Let me give you an example by Ma...

I can see it for what it is by M...

Unique III W (ed. of 3)

Unique II W (ed. of 3)

Unique I W by Stephen Hobbs

Unique III B by Stephen Hobbs

Unique II B by Stephen Hobbs

Unique I B by Stephen Hobbs

Kruger V V (ed. of 6)

Main V V (ed. of 6)

Main V IV (ed. of 6)