Ivy Grobler – Guardian of Portals

Artist statement:

Stephen Jay Gould (American palaeontologist, evolutionary biologist, and historian of science) said” The pictures we draw betray our deepest conviction and display our current conceptual limitations.”

An overarching theme is based on Ivy Grobler’s view that our beliefs will be reflected in popular culture. Storytelling is a crucial aspect of the artist’s work. Grobler artworks reads as an autobiographical narrative that is rendered in a magical, realism sensitivity.

The artist has an innate reverence for life and nature sacred and profane. Of great interest to her is how we live and love. Many cats have graced my life, mainly feral cats.  Cats are mercurial, mysterious, unpredictable and formidable predators. For me cats are the embodiment of the Fool of the Taror.

Drawing with pencils and etching needles, allows me to experience a free flow of consciousness. The direct mark making speaks to a tradition and of a truthful rendition of my thoughts without the intervention of technology. 


Ivy Grobler - Guardian of Portals


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Media & Techniques:

Sheet Height:
33 cm

Sheet Width:
49 cm



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