William Kentridge studied and then taught printmaking at the Johannesburg Art Foundation. Since the mid 1970’s he has created a substantial body of editioned work.

David Krut published the first editions of William Kentridge in 1992.

In 1997 David Krut published a CD Rom on Kentridge, which was the first major publication on his work, presenting sections from his videos and also Kentridge talking about aspects of his work up until that time. Click here.

In 2002 David Krut Print Workshop (DKW) was established in Johannesburg, and in 2010 a further workshop was opened at Arts On Main where Kentridge has a major studio.

We continue to collaborate with the artist in both the publishing of his print editions (and also in publishing books on the artist’s work, and William Kentridge Prints was a book published in 2006 which provides an overview of the artist’s editions up to that time.

William Kentridge Editioned Prints

The following pages group the editions with which we have collaborated with this great printmaker.

William Kentridge Sound Clips – from CD Rom, 1997

WK on Artworks
Tryptich, 1985-1990
Art in a State Series, 1986
Little Morals, 1991
Head and Iris Etchings & Colour, 1992
Colonial Landscape Drawings, 1996
Ubu, 1996-7
Sleepers, 1997
Sleeper Etchings 1,1997
Sleeper Etchings 2, 1997
WK on Work, Life & Influences
Growing up in Joburg
First Exhibition
Havana Biennal & Santa Fe
Johannesburg surrounding landscapes
Johannesburg landscapes
WK on Techniques & Processes
Drawings for Projections
Scale in WK works
Light and Space