151 Framing Studio, situated at David Krut Bookstore in Parkwood, is our latest project into the exciting world of framing which promises a best-of-breed framing service to our clients. You’re invited to come and see for yourself how we’ve created a new space that specialises in showcasing South African art for what it is; truly world-class.

Offering a bespoke picture framing service, we approach each of our framing consignments with the same passion and creative dedication. Whether you’re an exhibiting artist or a parent who’d like to preserve that special photograph, you’ll benefit from our creative display and preservation expertise honed over the past twenty years.


For us, the most important reason for framing anything is to preserve it. We frame artworks because they have intrinsic value to us. A beautiful and well-made frame gives prints, drawings, paintings and photographs longevity by protecting them from moisture, light and other damaging elements. If historically, we didn’t frame prints and photographs, a significant part of our visual history would have been lost forever. This makes picture framing a very practical consideration which forms a key part of our framing consultation with clients.


One of the final steps towards making any artwork fully accessible is to display it in the most complimentary and practical manner. We believe that the most important creative consideration in choosing a picture frame is how it will subtly and understatedly compliment the artwork. This is where our extensive experience comes into its own right. A beautifully-framed picture is one that doesn’t overpower or compete with the picture it needs to present to the viewer. Striking this fine balance is a skill we confidently offer you.


There’s beautiful chemistry in striking the right balance between what the client sees and what we see. Facilitating this meeting of minds is something we pride ourselves on and we believe that it is the secret ingredient to beautiful picture framing. The best balance is achieved by carefully considering the preservation and presentation requirements of the artwork, costs, lead times and the selection of materials.

We manufacture and supply individually-crafted picture frames by using the best carefully-selected materials, ensuring the best preservation and presentation of your artworks. The following represents a small selection of our services:

Box frames

Ideal for prints, drawings, photographs and watercolours.

Canvas framing

The classic solution for all work on canvas.

Conservation framing

Acid-free materials and museum glass for works of significant importance and artistic value

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