Jackie (A.N.S.)

“The first time I saw duchess satin was in the totally pink interior of Fabric World in Tommy Joubert Plaza 2 in George, it felt like very expensive damp coursing. It is with this sense of confinement that I approach these prints: all images of the late Anna Nicole Smith in wedding dresses. A young Texan dancer (in the tawdry sense) who rose to fame by marrying an octogenarian oil tycoon, her life was punctuated by nuptials. Either expectation of marriage, or being a bride, hemming her in, stopping her having her own desires and direction: like condensation trying to leave a greenhouse. These works consider the sublime disgust of wedding processions: sweat and max factor adorning a bride’s top lip.”  – Fanie Buys, December 2021


Jackie (A.N.S.)

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Edition Size:

Image Height:
29.5 cm

Image Width:
21 cm

Sheet Height:
42.4 cm

Sheet Width:
32.8 cm

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