Never thought I would

“The subject matter has stayed the same, I work with figures, with portraits mostly, and it’s something that I’m still trying to understand completely because I am a bit repulsed by portraiture, but at the same time, I am drawn to it. It feels like I am in this constant battle or dance with the image and myself.” – Olivia Botha

 As a technique, trace monotypes are expressive, tactile and direct. Botha’s have a dreamlike, almost monstrous nature about them.  

The making of a trace monotype:  

After a sheet of thin artist’s paper has been placed face down over a thinly rolled out layer of ink, the artist draws or traces on the back. Under the pressure of the tool controlled by the artist, ink is transferred directly to the paper, creating a thick, almost fuzzy drawing-like mark. 


Never thought I would

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Edition Size:
Unique work

Image Height:
20,1 cm

Image Width:
11,5 cm



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