Maja Maljevic – Pokret

The 4 U Series is comprised of four new editions, Wiggly-Squiggly, Pokret, Nuts and Bolts and Nitty Gritty, which were published by the David Krut Workshop in 2020. Each of these new editions has been created from different elements used in the two most recent bodies of unique work, Document for the People (2018) and Winter Files (2019), combined into something completely new. The editions serve to memorialise the bodies of unique works, most of which have been placed in collections, and to archive a particular way of working that has been refined over 13 years of collaboration. 

In the workshop, the typical time-lag associated with printmaking is jettisoned by the workshop team preparing elements in advance. At the beginning of each project, numerous plates are made with Maljević using different techniques – intaglio, silkscreen, woodcut, linocut. The team then prints many parts onto every kind of paper available in an extensive palette of colours influenced both by previous projects and added to anew with each stage of creation. Maljević is able to pick and choose from the prepared elements, assembling them in the moment and without prior negotiation, and finishing each piece off with hand-work. 


Maja Maljevic - Pokret

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34, 8 cm

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39, 6 cm



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