Maaike Bakker – How to get there II

The presented works, ‘How to get there I & II’  offer a selection of collaged fragments that might evoke a chart or a map of sorts. These fragments imply possibility and allow viewers to treat them as a set of cues or clues that can be combined by the viewer in order to map out their own journey or to arrive at their own conclusion. 

“The works were made during lockdown level 5. During this time I found myself forgetting things quite easily which might have been a result of the monotony of each day or could have been an outcome of an overwhelmed mind that is trying to piece together the reality at hand. These fragments may represent different facts or bits of information that are at times at odd with each other or that require to be grasped or made sense of. ” – Maaike Bakker


Maaike Bakker - How to get there II

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48.8 cm

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29.7 cm



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