It is what it is

Wilma Cruise views her notebooks as a vital part of her artistic practice. She fills her diary pages with sketches, annotations and words of encouragement. After a while, Wilma began to think about putting her notes onto larger pages and now they have established themselves onto 2 x 3 m canvases.

“I use the canvases like a notebook and try not to be too conscious of what I put on it. It becomes a way for me to process and progress while making art in the studio. I also tried not to use a focal point on these canvases – that way the eye is being deceived all the time. I enjoyed playing with this notion on works such as Chapmans Peak and It is what it is by randomly collaging elements from my studio together in a new composition.” – Wilma Cruise, 2020.



It is what it is

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190 cm

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270 cm



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