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This series of prints, Blue Rubrics, is a continuation of Kentridge’s 2012 Rubrics print series. Here, ‘rubric’ refers to instructions printed in prayer books, conventionally in red ink. However, in this instance, words and phrases are printed in striking lapis lazuli-based pigment, the result of Kentridge having received a gift of the precious pigment from Afghanistan. Kentridge perceives these phrases as ‘a prod, a goad to the activity of thinking, of understanding how we have to make sense of the world from contradictory fragments.’

The William Kentridge Why Should I Hesitate Collectible Box Set, which features a two-volume overview covering 40 years of Kentridge’s diverse practice, also includes a print created with the same lapis-lazuli pigment as used in the Blue Rubrics series. To enquire about the box set, please contact [email protected].


Wait, Wait


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Sheet Height:
44 cm

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53 cm

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