Memories in Development Series – Everybody Knows About Mississippi

The Memories in Development Series

Memories in Development is a collection inspired by the Cuban film Memories in Underdevelopment written and directed by Tomas Guiterrez. The 1968 film is based on a story of a Cuban writer who chose to remain behind in Havana as his wife and friends fled to Miami. Through the lead character, the storyline explores the impacts of the Cuban revolution on society. The films narrative had a lasting effect on me since first watching it in film school. Eventually, I decided to build a collection based on the relationship between political structures and the developing societies in Africa. In a sense, for many of us in Africa, we are often the victims of poor leadership that has played a major role in the self-determination for a better life. Hence, the collection is an exploration on the impacts of politics in not only the larger scope of our societies but how it also has a major influence on our personal lives.

– Aida Muluneh, 2017


Memories in Development Series - Everybody Knows About Mississippi


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