Name Sake

Name Sake is a three layered complex dry point intaglio print where on the last layer a kitchen net has been used as stencil and embossing. In this work I investigate identity through the lens of relationship between women and society.  I strive to explore the interface between social, political and personal by looking into all the prosaic “names” that we consider as general, and in turn, that delineate our identity. This work is a cross-pollination between these banal name calling of my personal sphere and the references subtracted from larger peripheries and discourses on tradition, politics of identity, memory, grief, nostalgia and complexities of urban life. I fabricate edifices around banality with images and words enthused by events, incidents and discourses taking place in the larger context of society. The voices that memories evoke in me, deluge my thoughts, transpire in this works in the form of tactile forms and images with painstakingly intricate details, lines, words and native language.” – Purnaa Debb, 2019



Name Sake


Media & Techniques:

Edition Size:

Image Height:
19.5 cm

Image Width:
19.5 cm

Sheet Height:
30 cm

Sheet Width:
30 cm



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