“The artwork is a single colour silk screen comprised from a computer programme, with an algorithm that allows the user to reconstruct one desired image out of a body of images loaded onto the programme. Otherwise referred to as a mosaic. Within this work are references of man’s chemical composition, which I’ve marked “X” on the periodic table of elements and a fictional character by the name of Mr. Meeseeks. All of the references can be observed as a means of self-documenting. Self-documenting can usually be found in a website that exposes the entire process of its creation through public documentation, and whose public documentation is part of the development process.

Mr. Meeseeks, stems from the cartoon series “Rick and Morty” where he is depicted as a humanoid organism brought into being by man’s desires to better themselves. His goal above all else is to aid those that call upon him, and upon completion of said task, cease to exist. In essence, they are created to serve a singular purpose, to which they will go to any lengths to fulfill.  As a Printmaker I can identify with this code of belief. For what am I if not a tool to sharpen artists’ creative process? If my presence does nothing to better the project, then of what value do I serve it? How do I numb my own feelings of existentialism if my actions do very little to meet the artists desires. As such this work is the result of an artist grappling with his own identity within the confines of his own usefulness and current state of matter.” – Sbongiseni Khulu on Self-Documenting, 2019.




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