Zero Theorem

“This work is in large a by-product of exploration, which is ironic considering the fact that it essentially came from nothing. In truth, this work is inspired by our yearning for answers to life’s most pressing questions. What does it mean to exist and is there a universal formula to explain it all?

The human species has long been fascinated and plagued by existence, as such the search for meaning continues to this day. In my search for understanding of oil based monotypes, I toyed with the idea or creation meets eradication. For I’d been told in order to fully appreciate life, one must first know death. That is a paradox that has not only vexed me in my efforts to understanding the universe but in understanding my artistic material as well.

With that being said, this work is in reference to the universe, the pale blue dot of which we habit, the numerous theological attempts at defining it on paper, my endeavor to understanding a new working medium, and how closer we are to actually finding the answers we seek.” – Sbongiseni Khulu 


Zero Theorem


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Image Height:
23.5 cm

Image Width:
20.1 cm



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