Jonathan Silverman – Trespasser

About the work.

Following a long artist residency in India in 2012, Jonathan Silverrman has been creating work relating to this country. This residency culminated in a solo show in London in 2014 titled “At Hand and Far Away“. Some pieces since have manifested in the form one-offs, a further exploration of related material. 

This particular piece was concerned with the curious “invasion” of Leopards into urban areas in Mumbai, which has, over time, become a small but necessary part of a fragile ecosystem. As the artist ’s current work is concerned with real and imagined environments, this piece represents a throwback to slightly more representational work.

“In my process, I collage found images and personal archived images. This painting was created from such an image: the colours loosely borrowed from a Maharashtra flag contaminate an archive image of a leopard in an urban area. “



Jonathan Silverman - Trespasser


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Sheet Height:
30 cm

Sheet Width:
30 cm



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