Hannah Shone – So strange, the sounds of the night

About the work:

This piece is an ode to my fearful respect for the dark; a concept that has terrorised me from a young age. I’ve since learnt to embrace it, navigate around it, and make peace with it. I wanted to illustrate the contrasting panic and intrigue I feel moving about an unlit space. The style of stroke brings a feverish texture to the darkscape, and the many offbeat directions in which the shapes seem to move heighten the sense of delirium.

The lyric from the well-known Talking Heads song, This Must Be The Place, “Never for money, always for love” has been her guiding adage and general approach to the work she takes on.


Hannah Shone is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Graduating at the end of 2015 from Vega School of Brand Leadership (Cape Town) with a BA in Visual Communications, Hannah has since held two solo exhibitions, one group exhibition, has contributed to several local zines and online platforms and has had her work featured on websites like 10and5, Our Friends, Mail and Guardian and 36 Days of Type.


Hannah Shone - So strange, the sounds of the night


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Media & Techniques:

Sheet Height:
55 cm

Sheet Width:
22 cm



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