Britt Lawton – NGC 6334- Cats paw Nebula

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Ever heard of Space Cats? How about the theory that the earth is a ball of yarn that the giant cat in the sky is playing with?   Perhaps the earth is the glass on the edge of the table and an all-powerful cat paw is waiting to push it over the edge? 

The NGC 6334 is a star nebula within the Scorpius constellation  that resembles a cat’s paw. Coincidence? I think not.   NGC 6334 is commonly known as the Cat’s Paw Nebula and was discovered by an astronomer in 1837, first viewed from the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa. I like to think he was also a cat lover.  The red light of the nebula comes from hydrogen gas glowing under the intense glare of the hot young stars buried in the constellations dust.  The image takes the form of an imagined sci-fi landscape, synonymous to my work.  I too am a cat lover.


Britt Lawton - NGC 6334- Cats paw Nebula


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