Andrew Kayser – The Cat among the Cherubs

About the work:

After a few aborted attempts I decided to approach my artwork for this show as an extension of the work and themes I have been busy with in my studio over the past 6 months. Two references dominate the majority of this work; our contemporary suburban landscape and scenes from traditional Western art history.  The juxtaposition of these images I hope creates something absurd, irreverent, humorous and desperate. In so doing there is an unveiling of the Eurocentric and Christocentric nature of suburbia and a challenge to our unwavering and righteous adherence to the belief systems and moral code of Western urban society. On another level the spirit of the Baroque permeates the work, there is a desire to impress you with a sense of grandeur and drama, to draw you in, ingratiate you, and give you pleasure. With this in mind I let the cat in the back door, where she comfortably resides in this ambiguous space.



Born in East London, South Africa, 1975. After a brief period at Rhodes University I headed overseas to study, graduating in 2001 from the Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten (Royal Academy of Arts), Den Haag, Netherlands. I returned to South Africa in 2005 only to see my artistic ambitions disintegrate as I descended into alcoholism and drug abuse. I achieved sobriety in 2014, focusing on building a career as an artist. Since 2015 I exhibit regularly through Kalashnikovv Gallery, participate in exhibitions both locally and abroad, and frequently show at both the Cape Town and Joburg art fairs. I live and work in Johannesburg, South Africa.



Andrew Kayser - The Cat among the Cherubs


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Media & Techniques:

Sheet Height:
35 cm

Sheet Width:
43 cm



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