Mandie Immelman – Katvoet katarsis

About the work:

Cats bring to mind many metaphors and proverbs in multiple languages. They are known and associated with a wide range of attributes both good and bad. This work looks specifically at notions such as: ‘katvoet wees’, ‘pussy footing around’ and ‘die kat kom weer’. These concepts refer to being cautious and addressing reoccurring issues that hinders South Africa’s progress as a Democratic and cohesive society. By referring directly to the issue of land reformation, the work plays on the idea of ‘Katarsis’ or catharsis. In order to come to an enlightened solution or approach to land and wealth distribution, significant thought needs to take place so that constructive dialogue can be initiated and maintained. The cat as a metaphor illustrates concerns surrounding land-grabs and that the ‘cat’ and its attributes are unknown, as is the approach and outcomes of land reform. 


Mandie Immelman - Katvoet katarsis


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37.5 cm

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22.5 cm



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