Daniel Feinberg – Neko shinryaku (Cat invasion)


Daniel Feinberg has switched disciplines through his career. From interior design, to fine art and having a few shows at the Premises Gallery, to Architectural Visualisation, he has finally settled as a Tattoo Artist with a focus and love for Traditional Japanese Tattoo.  This involves having a strong connection to Japanese myth and culture. The use of Ukiyo-E prints as a core for reference and inspiration mixes well with tattoo flash art sensibilities. He is currently a co- owner of the Heart&Hand Tattoo studio in Northcliff.

About the work

Translated, “Cat Invasion” this piece is loosely based on the idea of the Bakeneko or monster cat which is a kind of Yokai, a supernatural entity. In Japan cats occupy an interstitial space between the domestic environment and the wild. They are beloved pets and are often depicted in Ukiyo-E but an air of mystery surrounds them due to their physical appearance and behavior. The myths are regional and vary greatly from one area to the next. In Yamagata District , Hiroshima, a superstition is known of cats, who reach the  age of 7, killing the human who raised it…. This poor cat lady is depicted at the moment she realizes raising 5 beautiful cats from a single litter might not have been a wise choice.


Daniel Feinberg - Neko shinryaku (Cat invasion)


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52 cm

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38.5 cm

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