Kaelik Dullart – The Inner power

About the work:

The centre figure at the base of the drawing is the only figure seemingly aware of the feline dominating the drawing. My intent is for the cat is to symbolize a sense of power as well as tranquillity, acting as a manifestation of the centre figure’s temperament. They both appear to be unaffected by the happenings around them, being the other figures and eyes. The eyes are my symbol for the gaze of mainstream society, most of which have their attention fixed on the centre figure. The centre figure displaying a clear sense of difference to the rest.


Kaelik Dullaart was born in Johannesburg in 1996. During his childhood he was always exposed to art and photography, as both of his parents are professional photographers. He studied Photography at The Market Photo Workshop, completing the intermediate course. During his studies he realised he was interested in social behaviour, such as consumerism and conformism. These have become main themes in his practice. He is interested in developing his unique artistic style, and intends to branch into as many artistic mediums as possible. He also works in the film industry as a Greensman in Cape Town, and has worked as an intern learning print making at the David Krut Workshop.





Kaelik Dullart - The Inner power


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45 cm

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