Little Dystopia (ed. of 40)

Little Dystopia (2017) is one of the works that featured in Diane Victor’s 2019 New York exhibition titled Showing Truth to Power.  It is a stone lithograph created at the Center for Contemporary Printmaking in Connecticut during her residency in 2017. In the image, an older, white man, in a business suit, is seated in front of a group of people with a grimace on his face. Sharks are circling the small town at his feet, portraying the chaos that has ensued under his power. He wears a dunce cap, and a shadow of a woman is next to him taking a selfie. To his right is a crowd of onlookers who remain unnoticed by this man who is rather absorbed in his own scheming. This is a powerful piece of work by Victor, playing to her strength of social commentary. This work is current, relevant and critical of the prominent issues of power, patriarchy and self-absorption ongoing in our contemporary era.


Little Dystopia (ed. of 40)


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Media & Techniques:

Edition Size:

Image Height:
54 cm

Image Width:
39 cm

Sheet Height:
66 cm

Sheet Width:
57 cm



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