Signs of a transforming City (ed. of 15)

The reflective surfaces of glass buildings sets forth a visual concept for the dissolution of urban form. The black grid between the glass panels appears to hold or support such imagery rippling within the frames. The search for this kind of imagery, city after city, has lead to a ‘reflection’ on cities whose spatial planning bears overt or trace like conditions of defensive design. Within this suite of prints the enquiry is explored; through the re-rendering of a glass curtain building showing a distorted reflection of a reinforced concrete building, a Razzle Dazzle cloud, a pill-box or machine gun bunker (cast from sandbags) and a kaleidoscopic treatment of anti U-boat mines. Included in this 2015 portfolio of prints are Kaleidoscope, Pillbox, Dazzle Cloud and Signs of a Transforming City.


Signs of a transforming City (ed. of 15)

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37 cm

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32 cm



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