99 Series (Part Five)

40 x 40 cm size available / 100 x 100 cm size & 80 x 80 cm size not available

99 Series: “Inferno is made of history, not only of a country but of self, of exile, of bloodshed, of loss of mourning, of bitterness, of broken hearts and broken wings. The inferno is not down below; it is here, ever-present, next to us, in our memories and in our minds. It is made of delusions, of prostration, of hiding behind masks to validate our existence and our hidden agenda’s; it’s a mask we wear to fool ourselves and others in an attempt to get ahead, yet we are void in our survival. We live in the gray existence, uncomfortable like the dirty snow of western winters or like the polluted skyline of what we call Ethiopian Modernity.

Pulled between the past, the present and the future, we wrap ourselves with forgotten heritage and dream of looking towards the future, but we are stuck looking into the past.  For eternity we are toiling with rituals and ceremony, yet our past deeds are marked by unhealing wounds, the blood of false victory stitched by the threads of nostalgia. A story we each carry, of loss, of oppressors, of victims, of disconnection, of belonging, of longing you see paradise in the dark abyss of eternity.”

– Aida Muluneh, 2014


99 Series (Part Five)

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100 cm: 3, 80 cm: 5, 40 cm: 7

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40 cm

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40 cm



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