Room 1008, John Voster Square, 15 February 1977 (ed. of 20)

On February 15 1977, Matthews Mojo Mabelane, fell from the tenth floor of John Vorster Square, landing on a vehicle parked below.  There is still a great deal of mystery surrounding his death, with many believing it was foulplay.  However, the security police, bureaucratic as ever, submitted a detailed report that claimed he had fallen from a ledge outside Room 1008 on the tenth floor in an attempt to escape. This work is the beginning of a series of works exploring deaths in detention at the notorious John Vorster Square during the 1970’s and 80’s, based on detailed police reports and photographic evidence collected at the scenes, held by the South African History Archive and the South African Police Archives.  It is part of an ongoing and longstanding investigation into systemic violence and the culture of intimidation in the South African Police Service, which seems not to have changed much since the apartheid regime collapsed.


Room 1008, John Voster Square, 15 February 1977 (ed. of 20)

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