The Death of Adonis (ed. of 30)

Birth of a Nation comprises of a suite of ten etchings using imagery that is adapted from classical mythology to a South African context of visuality. The series is characterised by a copper matrix drawn using a drypoint needle and a variety of roulette tools to build up an immensely detailed surface. Each of the ten etchings have an edition size of 30. Prints are only available as part of a set.

Death of Adonis
Is Adonis an identifiable individual or is he meant to represent a type? “The figure of Adonis dying in the arms of Aphrodite is based on a drawing by Rubens in the British Museum, he is not intended to be seen as a specific individual. I was more interested in the play between classical figure arrangement and more erratic and fantastical group that threatens them.” – DV, September 2014.


The Death of Adonis (ed. of 30)

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Image Height:
47.2 cm

Image Width:
36.5 cm

Sheet Height:
37.4 cm

Sheet Width:
47.2 cm


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