Apollo And Daphne – (ed. of 30)

Birth of a Nation comprises of a suite of ten etchings using imagery that is adapted from classical mythology to a South African context of visuality. The series is characterised by a copper matrix drawn using a drypoint needle and a variety of roulette tools to build up an immensely detailed surface. Each of the ten etchings have an edition size of 30. Prints are only available as part of a set.

Apollo & Daphne
Diane Victor’s work frequently makes use of Greek and Roman mythology, placing the myths within a South African context. In her drypoint Apollo and Daphne, Victor plays with this Greek myth whereby Daphne begs her father Peneus to turn her into a laurel tree (which Victor turns into a South African thorn tree) to save her from the love-struck Apollo, who had been cursed with unrequited love by Eros, the god of love. Daphne’s skin turns to bark, her arms to branches and her hair to leaves, and her feet become rooted to the ground. A heartbroken Apollo vows to tend to her, and that the leaves of the laurel would adorn all leaders. He also used his powers of eternal youth and immortality to render her evergreen.


Apollo And Daphne - (ed. of 30)

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Media & Techniques:

Edition Size:
30 (Only available as part of the set: 'Birth of a Nation')

Image Height:
47.4 cm

Image Width:
36.5 cm

Sheet Height:
37.2 cm

Sheet Width:
47.4 cm


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