St. George Despairs (ed. of 20)

St George Despairs forms part of a body of work titled Little White Lies and was exhibited in Reap and Sow (2012), Victor’s second solo exhibition at the David Krut gallery in New York. Set in a vast landscape, the print depicts a woman with a baby on her back and child at her side, struggling to contain a large and restless crocodile, a substitute for the dragon slain by St George in the original story and perhaps a symbol of the “reptilian mind”. The woman is joined by a stout and balding white man, who offers no assistance and instead points towards a non-existent destination, urging her to continue her struggle with a deceptive promise of a reward at the ‘end’.


St. George Despairs (ed. of 20)

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Image Height:
52.5 cm

Image Width:
37.3 cm

Sheet Height:
70 cm

Sheet Width:
53.5 cm



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