Last Supper – Enswined (ed. of 30)

In Last Supper – Enswined, the idea of becoming “enswined” came from Victor’s interest in Greek mythology, specifically in reference to the story of Odysseus and his men turning into pigs after drinking wine offered by the goddess Circe. Victor uses the classical story to parody the latent bestial qualities that become easily exposed when people succumb to over indulgence as a reaction to stress or external influences.

The animalistic morphing that occurs when people are pushed to extremes is a theme in much of her work. The process of the human becoming animal is visible in many of Victor’s larger etchings. The more recent smoke drawings of animal heads, on paper as well as glass, are also derived from this as she continues to explore the darker side of human nature.


Last Supper - Enswined (ed. of 30)

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Edition Size:

Image Height:
49.5 cm

Image Width:
79 cm

Sheet Height:
71.5 cm

Sheet Width:
99 cm


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