Alain Clement

The singularity of Alain Clément’s work lies on the close relations he establishes by constant round-trips between painting and sculpture. These relations are enriched by the practice of engraving to which he has dedicated particular care. As in drawings, this technique allows him to evaluate the situation of his research about the space by insisting on the work of the line. Dimensions, traits, lines and ribbons transform the space of the canvas. They deny this space, they force it, they dig into it, in a work that goes past the formalistic genres and asserts the expressive and polysemous power of painting

Alain Clément was born in 1941 in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France, and now lives and works in Paris and Nîmes. He began painting in the early 1960s. His work, built around recurring subjects, explores the specific qualities and characteristics of the medium: colour, shape, volume and representational modes. For the past twent years he has concentrated on an investigation of artistic processes, including painting, watercolor, sculpture and wall sculpture.